Let’s Talk Anime: -Squid Girl!-

Are you squidding me?! We are doing a let’s talk on Squid Girl? Are you Kraken serious?! Well, shoddy jokes aside, yes we are going to be talking about the hilarious anime that is Squid Girl. If you haven’t seen this anime yet, what are you doing? Go to Crunchyroll or Netflix (If it is still up) and go and watch it. Now. For those of you that have seen it, why are you still reading this and not watching it? This anime is a true gem in terms of the comedy genre and while the character her self is very identifiable, especially her chibi form, the show doesn’t get too much in the way of praise or representation on most websites. I could be out right wrong but, I still feel like giving this great series some much needed attention and love.

We seen enough anime to know where this is going...
We seen enough anime to know where this is going…

What is it about I hear you all asking, well it is about the path of Squid Girl trying to conquer the surface world, only to find her self conquered in directly by the land lubbers appealing nature and caring aspects. Some are able to control her via fear, others just by plain oddities. Eventually she falls prey to what we like to dub, society and finds herself on many random outings or adventures with the friends she makes.

Now this anime will come in two flavors, dubbed or Subtitled. Which one is for you? Well, having watched both versions I would safely say either. While I only saw the first season in English, both versions were excellent. The second season continues with a bang right out of the cage and manages to be a long lasting comedy that continue to grow. Within the anime are smaller chibi sections that allow us to follow a smaller Squid Girl that is more tame but just as adventurous as her bigger counter part. The story has it’s moments but mainly focuses on comedy and comical relief rather than being overtly too serious or bland. It presents a nice concise story and does little to stray from the constraints. In fact the anime itself likes to make fun of a bit of pop culture fads and companies.

Anyone for fresh squid ink spaghetti?

The animation quality is a bit older but still just as fresh. Character design is great and each character can stand out from the rest. The personality scale of Squid Girl is something that is off the chart for our main character, so much that she always finds herself at the center of just about everything she does, regardless of if she means it or not. To couple the diverse group is also an excellent group of voice actors/actresses that bring life to there drawings and really play off the theme and character personalities; this also being for both the English cast and Japanese Cast.  Not one dull moment is meant to be had. While the show does tend to have some bits of fan service with some characters but it isn’t enough to be too forward or straining to be the focus. It just seems to be something that filters around the wonderful world that is anime.

Music is not too big of a high note and while it is a big thing for me in most anime, it didn’t really bother me too much here. The simple fact that the great art style and comedy helped, was more than enough to drive my interest. The openings are silly and odd but still oh so catchy and the second one being a personal favorite of mine in terms of openings for comedic anime. In terms of whether or not this anime has replay value? I would say it does. It is an anime I find myself walking back to after I have sated my thirst for more normal or serious anime. The two seasons combined equal 24 episodes with two OVA specials that you can enjoy as part of Crunchyrolls line up! As I stated earlier I first saw this via Netflix and as I do not have a Netflix account any more, I cannot vouch for this site. Hulu will also carry Squid girl as well, though only with 10 episodes.

Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/squid-girl

Hulu: http://www.hulu.com/squid-girl


2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Squid Girl!-

  1. This looks like it will be a funny anime. I might add it to my list of anime I should watch.

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    1. It is a very good must watch : ).

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