Thank you for all the Liebster Award Nominations!


I was debating on whether or not if I should do part 2 or part 3 of the Liebster Award post. Rather than do that I will try my best to do something a bit different. First, let me thank both TwiceAlive & Madokaswagica for sending me nominations as well. I didn’t think this site was that good but, seeing how much other think of it makes me want to push further for the stars. Writing, anime and gaming are three things I love and are three things I feel that I am good with. I am sure that my writing could use a pick me up however, I love what I do. This will not get any easier, as it will only continue to get harder from this point. I mean it when I say I want to bring you the best in articles. I want to provide my viewers and subscribers a site that is great to look at, easy to follow and stuffed to the brim with great content! Though I am saying the same thing that all of these great bloggers are also wanting to do. Some may not say it aloud, other may openly speak it but there is one thing that drives all of us. You. Yes, you, the viewer, the fellow blogger, the star of our favorite anime/games/movies. We do what we do because frankly, it is what we are good at.

So, I will challenge myself to deliver what I can to you guys and gals. I will continue to try and give you more articles, more variety. This is also going to serve as an Introduction to our newest author, Adam Erickson! He just posted his first post, covering the odd title that is LISA, and we hope that he can bring a bit more to the table in terms variety and quality. I plan on bringing more in but, we shall see how this turns out. It is nice to bring others in but at the same time we risk moving away from what our core may be. We will try our best to provide more platforms to connect on. We just expanded to having a Twitter page and a direct access to the feed on our site here in order to provide our followers with better access to our site and the information that we post about events or changes that may be coming along.

With that being said and posted I’ll end this shorter post here. With another humble thank you to those who have nominated our site and to those that continue to read and support our website as we keep aiming to provide you something better with each passing post. We hope that we can continue to give you laughs, good reads and most of all a place that is both friendly and awesome to visit! So as always, keep your eyes ready and your ears open. You never know what we might post or do next. From us to you all, Thank you so much for the ride thus far.


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