Let’s Talk Gaming: -LISA: The Painful RPG-

LISA: The Painful RPG is a game about a man with issues. In a world with issues populated by people with issues. Lots of issues. The story revolves around Brad Armstrong, an ironically named drug addict who finds an abandoned baby girl out in the post apocalyptic wastes. Brad names this girl Buddy and takes her home to live with him and his three friends. Brad tries his best for Buddy, but over time his addiction to a drug called Joy gets the best of him, and after one particularly bad trip, Brad comes home to find that Buddy has been kidnapped and one of his friends has been killed, while the other two are nowhere to be found. The rest of the game involves Brad travelling the land of Olathe to find Buddy and make sure she’s safe.

The world of Olathe is one of hardships and perversion, and a sprinkle of crippling loneliness. There are a number of people just trying to get by and living in ramshackle homes throughout the world. Some of them cope with the changes of the apocalyptic events that set off the game’s story in different ways, and the absence of any female characters in the game at all makes this… Interesting… To say the least. The game deals with issues like gender, depression, addiction, and human nature, and even the dangers of blind obedience and cult mindsets.

The game plays like a traditional RPG from the old SNES console era. You have a party of characters, and combat is turn based, with you deciding what each party member will do on your turn. Each character can level up, and you can acquire equipment and various items with currency (which in this case is porno mags from before the apocalypse) or by finding them scattered throughout the game world or by killing enemies. Throughout the course of the game you’ll accrue a number of different companions and allies to help you in your quest. These characters are all quirky and hilarious in their own ways, and their usefulness in combat is wide and varied. You’ll find characters who can support other party members, hinder the enemy by impairing their abilities, or just hit things really hard. Your decisions also have many different consequences, both on the world at large, and on Brad and the party members accompanying him.

The game is $9.99 USD on Steam, with the Deluxe Edition being $14.99 USD, which includes the game, soundtrack, and an art collection. It’s a seriously weird trip, and I highly recommend getting it, especially if it’s on sale. If you’re looking for an amazing old-school story RPG with a menacing twist this is it.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/335670/

Lisa: The Painful RPG: http://www.lisatherpg.com/


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