Discussion Point: Why I Write

With the recent Q&A I had with the Liebster Award post, I wanted to do an article discussing about why I write. Heck, this just isn’t something that just applies to me. All of us on this site and sites just like this all have that reason(s) for doing what we do. Some of us just love to write and what better outlet than this. Some do it for the hopes of making it big in the industry one day. Others just do it for the enjoyment that comes out from it. My reasons are not that different then again, everyone reasons are uniquely different as well.


What got me into writing for anime was mainly my love for it. There is honestly no other medium out there quite like it. Anime not only inspires others to draw and others to develop gripping stories and humorous ones. Anime literally has a multitude of possibilities from which a similar pool of individuals can take from it what they want. Look at how many Anime Conventions pop up all over the country you reside in. I know for the US, we have an anime convention going on about every other weekend almost. With that comes a chance for many to experience anime, draw for it, sell independently and talk about it. Just seeing how passionate fans can be, has always been something of an inspiring factor in what I have done with my work and will continue to do so. It is one of the reasons that inspires me so much. Eventually I also wish to add my own bit of photography to that as well, so then those in the target of the lens can at least be able to enjoy a part of what I am doing as well.

The joys of writing.
The joys of writing.

What also got me into writing for anime was the fact that you can share your love for something that others appreciate as well. You can talk, laugh, joke, argue about it and still come to a generalized consensus; keeping in mind that there are still rough spots when wanting to write about something that is all too passionate to ourselves. With that also being said, it is hard when writing for anime or any item in general. We don’t want to seem biased one way or the other. We want to be able to be as open as we can. Yet, that bias is what also helps to determine what we may or may not write about. We always will be putting at least a portion of ourselves into what we do and write. That is the challenge that I love about writing, especially for anime and it is what keeps me going back in for more.

Ema from Shirobako experiencing dread.
Ema from Shirobako experiencing dread.

That being said, there will be times where I am writing and I don’t know what to say or do. I feel lost almost. Like a ship out at sea with rough winds and a brewing storm. Like a runners wall, we all hit that point. We may sit there and feel like what we write isn’t enough or may not amount/interest much attention but we eventually scale it or break it down. Once you can get past those walls, then writing for anime, for gaming, for whatever your passion is becomes much more effortless. It becomes something that is much more easy and enjoyable. You feel rewarded when you get feedback and when you can finally hit that stinking publish button. Trust me, there is not better feeling than the satisfaction one gets when completing and article for your website.

I want to write for more than my self or for enjoyment. We all want our writing to take us somewhere. I look at the authors who post for Kotaku or IGN and I look to them as an inspiration almost. Being able to be a site that can cover Anime or gaming, that is a high point. To be able to have people see you and go, “Hey, you are blah-blah who writes for blah-blah-site!” It takes a lot to get to that point. A whole lot. It just doesn’t stop with you and your writing. It is dictated by who works with you, who follows you. If you do not have the support of the fans that follow you, then the road will be only as big as they can make it for you.

Writing for your fanbase/follower base can be both a blessing and a nightmare. In either event you don’t stop to smell the roses or to run for your life. You keep moving and your keep writing. Your fans can be a good reason to write; at least for me. I like to hope that my writing entertains and interests those who view or follow me and allows them to feel passionate enough to start out on their own as well. We all want to touch the sun one way or the other and writing is the chariot that will hopefully get us there. So until then, I will keep on keeping on. I will write until I have nothing more to write about and then we will party like it was 1993!


So, where some points brought up that also reflect on you? Have you experienced some of the joys and dreads of writing for a passion? Feel free to comment below or hit us up on twitter. I write because I enjoy it. I enjoy giving you guys content to hopefully, enjoy and share. I will always make it imperative that I improve with each post. Thank you for reading this awfully long post!


8 thoughts on “Discussion Point: Why I Write

  1. Just a random question, but why did you pick 1993 as oppose to all the other years you could pick?


    1. Why not? : D I like odd numbers. Both in the literal since and the mathematical sense… and it just got nerdy : 3

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      1. Haha. Oh okay, just asking out of random.

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      2. Random is always good. : 3 *nods*

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  2. That is really interesting. I began writing in my blog because I wanted to do reviews on anime and video games. Later on I decided to do the news on anime. I hope you continue on writing and having fun.

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    1. Glad you liked it! I felt like it was something that would be interesting to talk about. I will possibly revisit this post once I feel I have advanced more as a blogger/writer.

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      1. Becoming a blogger/writer is a long road but it is a quite fascinating path.

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      2. It also is one of the more rewarding areas; at least that is what I tell myself. It becomes more meaningful the more it progresses.

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