Let’s Talk Anime: -Sket~Dance-

So, with my time playing J-Stars Victory Vs+ I have been looking at characters from different areas of the JUMP World. Some I have seen and knew about, others are more new to me. Such is the case with the glorious anime that is Sket-Dance! If you like Gintama, or the Gintama crossover episode with Sket-Dan, then you will enjoy this anime. What makes it so interesting and catchy? Well, lets explore that below.


Humor is often a golden paved road to success in the film world/televised world, sometimes. Some Anime manage to get the formula right by balancing it with a mix of other genre’s. Take Gintama for example. An anime that consistently breaks the fourth wall, makes fun of its own existence yet, it hold serious moments, relaxed corny moments that make the anime that much more enjoyable. Sket-Dan takes these principals to heart. Even the first few episode manages to convey emotion, humor and evoking qualities. In terms of the story quality, the depth is there, so is the ability to have a rather lengthy run. Sket-Dan shines in its ability to make fun of itself and to have an anime that allows it’s viewers to laugh but also to have moments that are genuinely touching. Being able to be an anime that can dance between genre’s is something that quite a few anime are capable of doing, even some are less capable of it. Sket-Dan manages to hug that boundary with some relative ease. The reason it is compared so much with Gintama, not due to the fact they had a crossover episode, rather with how similar the set up is and how similar the approach it takes to delivering its story. Fans of either anime would greatly enjoy either one as well.

The animation quality is fantastic and the characters, while filling roles that we are familiar with, have identities all their own. The scenes are fluid and transition nicely. The character details are a mix of over exaggeration versus realistic. The voice work is outstanding as always, and the voices fit the characters nicely. No one person seems out of place nor does either one stand out too much. The characters develop more so, as the episodes progress and new ones are constantly being introduced to help keep to pool varied. The facial expressions are another fun point of this anime, the lead character, Bossun, is quite the face contorting artist and master of hidden talents. Every character however is comical in their own right and manage to add more to the anime as a whole. It allows the artists to gives us original characters that are artistic in their own right.


in terms of my personal reaction to it, I have to say I felt at home with Sket-Dan, as it gives me very good memories of Gintama, which is a fantastic anime in its own right and should be checked out! That being said, Sket-Dan delivers some of the same humor, but packaged into its own box and also gives some original tropes a run for their money. The anime gives a delightful vibe, filled with scene by scene humor but also still can give a punch to the feels when absolutely necessary. With more episodes to go to help round out the rest of the season, we hope to be able to give this anime a review that it truly deserves. If you feel like giving this anime some love of your own and want something that can be truly unique and humors, then do check this anime out!

Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/sket-dance


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  1. I nominated you for an award.


    And to make this comment somewhat interesting. Here is a song: Bastille’s Pompeii.

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