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Just recently released State-side a week ago tomorrow. J-Stars Victory Vs+ (here on in being referred to just J-Stars) is the anime game fans of the long running JUMP publication have been clamoring for. Pitting some of our beloved franchises and characters against one another.  Putting in already forty hours of game time, I will try to let you in on why a game like this is something anyone a fan of anime should have.


First off, J-Stars is a fighting game. You control one of two main fighters plus one support to take on another enemy team. You are able to pit yourself against AI or players in a free fight mode or you can tackle the story section, J-Adventure as 4 JUMP icons, Ichigo and Luffy just being two of the 4 possible. After that you have Victory Road, where you progress fight after fight and then you have the newly added Arcade mode, which for most fighters, is a standard mode to have. Out of the roster of 52 characters, 39 are playable with the remaining 13 being used as support characters. The Fighting mechanics are something that the game has received some lack luster love about. First off, many hardcore fans of the fighting genre and a few casual players of it, note that their isn’t much depth to the system and not a whole lot of varied move sets. On the other hand, you do have a fighting system that is very easy for players, like myself, who don’t usually play fighting games to be able to quickly pick this title up and start enjoying it. Where the game shines is just the simple fact that it is fan-service. No not in the naughty sense. In the sense that dedicated fans can finally see who would win in a fight. Goku or Naruto? What about Vegeta or Gintoki? Each character is rendered faithfully and each move set fits their characters anime and manga respectively. Gintoki’s move set is brilliantly humorous and was one of the convincing reasons for me wanting this game, a bit sad none of the Shinsengumi where added.


That all being said, J-Stars does make for a great party/controller swap fest. It got rigorous playtime with this past 4th of July. I managed to convince a few of my non-anime attendees to give it a whirl and to their surprise they enjoyed it very much. The game has an odd way of doing split-screen, however I have not dived too deeply into the options set. What I have been able to fiddle with is the BGM (Back Ground Music) Editor. I have to say, it is delightfully pleasing to be able to listen to the First JoJo opening while playing as Jonathan Joestar. Another thing to note is that they did have an official version of the game that did launch with 21 anime song titles, however it only released in Japan and with very limited amounts. I had pre-ordered this title so I was also able to a get a free PS3 theme, J-Stars Compendium and game for just 40USD. As of right now the game is only available on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita, however the Vita version is not available state-side as of this post.

After every character has been unlocked and all the modes played or beaten, we are looking to gives this game a review! So, did you guys pick this game up? Or maybe you are planning to/where on the fence about it? Feel free to leave a comment below, we love to hear your input!

Official Game Site: http://www.jstarsgame.com/


8 thoughts on “let’s Talk Gaming: – J-Stars Victory Vs+ –

  1. I got this game on the day it was released back at June. It is quite addicting to have these mix and match fights.

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    1. Isn’t it? I personally love being able to add my own BGM to the game. Nothing better than the first gintama opening playing when gintoki bursts. :3

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      1. I heard you can add songs while you play. I can’t wait to try it out. I would love to fight with Sword Art Online and Fullmetal Alchemists music. Non Shonen Jump and Shonen Jump together.

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      2. Yui’s Again fits in very nicely : 3 I would recommend either one!

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      3. That is a pretty good choice. Since I have the Fullmetal Alchemist the Best soundtrack, I can use both classic, movies, and Brotherhood songs.


      4. Then, you have truly unlocked the game. Go now, bring victory to our proud house. >:3

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      5. The CD costs me an arm and leg…jk. It costs somewhere between $20 on eBay XD

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