Discussion Point: -Tis The Year of Reboots And Remakes-

If you haven’t noticed by now, 2015 has been quite busy with the returns of classic games and movies. Just this past E3 we got to see the reboot of Star Wars: Battlefront and the announcement of the long awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake. In terms of movies, we have already bared witness to the awesome power of the Jurassic Park franchise reboot and soon we will see that with the Star Wars saga later in December. So, what does that mean for you as the consumer? Is this something that should make you fret? In the short term, no, in the long term… maybe?


When it comes to beloved franchises and series, especially in sense with games, reboots and remakes can make or break a series; whether that is intentionally or unintentionally. Such games like Duke Nukem have seen disastrous reboots which ultimately shot the series down, but not necessarily out of the game. Other series like Tomb Raider have had both a remake and a franchise reboot to lead it to success. Games however, tend to be a grey area for most as the slightest mishap or slip up in development or a drastically fundamental change can sway the audience into down right hating the game or loving it to pieces.

When it comes to a game like Star Wars: Battlefront, many are skeptical and doubtful of EA’s and Dice’s ability to deliver a game that they fans of the series have been waiting for. Dice has assured us that they are just as passionate and cautious about making this game as anyone else would be with a popular series. That still has done little to help a mass majority of players quit worrying and wondering if EA will try to dip their fingers into the honey pot somehow. However, with this past E3’s gameplay footage, I feel like the spirit of what made Battlefront memorable has been retained and expanded upon. With some new mechanics and features, it will possibly play as a blended mixture of Battlefield and Battlefront. Whether that makes for actually decent gameplay when the public can their hands on them remains to be seen. However, that doesn’t mean we are not totally excited to see what this new chapter in a beloved series holds.

On the note of beloved series, the announcement of the Final Fantasy VII remake was almost music to the gaming worlds ears; though once the rush of brain melting obsession and excitement subsided, many began to wonder how exactly the game would play, what they would change and what they would cut out. It is something to worry about as many grew up loving the current version. It leaves them wondering and slightly nervous about what will be coming their way. Hesitation and fear can be used to describe a bit what most people have felt. Some worry the game they know will no longer be what they played but, that does not mean that others, like myself, are not excited for what this new rendition will hold for us.

Though, an industry with out daring developers pushing for reboots and remakes would leave the market slightly stale, however a point can be made that with push for remakes and reboots, does this not create a stagnant growth in the gaming market, or even the movie market for that matter? Only time can tell and the receptive nature of the market.

Were you guys excited to hear about the FF7 remake? Were you impressed with how Star Wars: Battlefront was looking? I know we at OGZ have been impressed with what gameplay we saw of the new Battlefront series and have yet to stop watching the trailers on repeat ever five minutes… Life has become a struggle. Feel free to leave a comment below about your opinion on the subject of reboots and remakes?


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