Let’s Talk Gaming: -My Top Four Games of 2015 So Far-

With the halfway point in the year just about done, it is time to give the first bit of 2015 a look back and talk about some of the games that I picked up this year. Keep in mind this is not just for new title releases but mainly for the top five games I have been playing the most of for this year. So, lets get the drum rolling! And yes, this is a top four not a top five. Figured we would shake things up a little bit.

Capcom's Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate
Capcom’s Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate: While not a game I have progressed far in, MH4U was one of the first games in the hunter genre I picked up. It wasn’t a poor choice either. With awesome multiplayer mechanics and terrific offline gameplay, MH4U managed to give my 3DS a couple extra 80+ hours. It also introduced me to a genre of gaming that I cannot seem to get enough of as I currently have two on my PS Vita. If you haven’t picked up this latest iteration in the MH franchise, please do your self a huge favor and do so.


Massive Chalice: The only PC game in my list, Massive Chalice is a fantastic top down, turned based strategy game from Double Fine. It originally launched as an early access game and just launched this June first. The art style is crisp and sort of comic like with a mix of how Tearaway looked. With randomized maps, permadeath and an awesome family tree system, the game really brings a fresh faced looked to the squad based genre of games that it fits into. It also happened to launch on the Xbox One as well to the surprise of some. It is currently on sale on Steam for 9.99USD.


Persona 4 Golden: A game that needs little introduction as it already has three articles, in terms of being Persona based articles. Persona 4 Golden was my first PS Vita game and is by far my favorite in the series thus far. It is dynamic, engaging and well done. Quite possibly bug free, P4G, gives you the task of living out a year in high school, while throwing in some dungeon crawling for good, added measure. With gorgeous anime cut-scenes and an excellent sound track to boot, PG4 aims to be a game that shows you what kind of stock the PS Vita has under it’s belt. If you got a Vita for other reasons or just for this one game, it opens you up to all sorts of gaming possibilities and to Atlus’s library of excellent games as well.


Freedom Wars: The Second Hunter genre game I have gotten, Freedom Wars showcases the power of the PS Vita. With a great character creator and varied gameplay, Freedom Wars presents Vita owners with a Monster Hunter-esque game that has been sorely needed on the Vita. With a futuristic/post-apocalyptic style, original Japanese vocals and an anime based style, Freedom Wars is a game just about any fan can get into. While the gameplay can draw out when farming for better gear, it still can hold up fairly well as MH4U. I just find myself farming more so than actually progressing.

So there you have it folks! This is our top four for the first half of 2015. With more PS Vita releases on the way, J-Stars Victory Vs+ and Persona 4 Dancing All Night to name a few, the year remains open to a lot more fantastic releases. Now, the question we always ask is what are some of your favorites? Did you like some of the ones we listed as well? Or what games on your scope for the last six months left?


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