Gaming Spotlight: -Persona 4 Dancing All Night-


Grab your midnight best and throw on those dance shoes! Cause tonight we are going to dance the midnight away, while solving mysteries! This is what Persona 4 Dancing All Night is bringing to the table. Scheduled for a September 29th release for North America, Persona 4 Dancing All Night is already making waves in the Japanese market and has been the subject of many gifs that have been posted recently. So this new entry in the Gaming Spotlight category will try to unravel what the mystery of this game is.

Jumping on board the recent resurgence in the rhythm game category, Persona 4 Dancing All Night (P4DAN), is but a latest entry into the Persona series, as well as the rhythm genre. With funky fresh music and a disco-esque vibe to boot, P4DAN is looking to hook players into remixed beats of our already favorite Persona 4 songs, while also giving the characters we love new, more mature looks. Heck, Nanako is grown up a bit more! And yes, she is still rocking her passion fore Junes.Though it just isn’t for Nanako, every character looks a bit more mature and it certainly shows with their character models. As far as the English voice actors go, many will be returning to their roles, however Laura Bailey will not be returning to her role as Rise, due to conflicting scheduling. . It still follows the playful mash certain buttons to gain more score and to successfully combat those pesky shadows; though the boss battles will be of an interesting subject when we get to learn more about how those will play out. In terms of the track selection, the game will consist of many popular songs from the Persona series, all featuring remixed versions from popular Japanese artists. Yes, the songs all sound fantastic and groovy. The investigation team will all band together to combat this new terror that plagues the world, in the form of a ‘Midnight Stage’. This time a popular J-Pop group is at the focus and Rise pleads with the main character for help in solving what is going on within the midnight stage.


So far, the game has garnished very popular views and is receiving some high praises for its gameplay. Persona 4/Persona 4 Golden are some of the most critically acclaimed entries in the Persona series. The game will be released with standard copies and as well as a limited collectors edition! So if you missed out on the Persona 4: The Golden Gold Edition box, then you can get the Disco Fever Edition which will come with a plethora of goodies for your PS Vita! You can currently pre-order the collectors edition from just about every major retailer. This will be a PS Vita only game, however if you don’t feel like waiting for the NA release, you can totally import the Japanese edition of the game since the Vita is thankfully not region locked!

Are you looking forward to the newest entry in the Persona 4 series? Or are your eyes on the horizon for the release of the highly anticipated Persona 5? Let us know in the comments below!


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