Let’s Talk Anime: -The Three Anime That Made Me Wonder-


We all come across a show, movie, piece of music, game or anime that strikes a deep cord or provokes some sort of deeper thought. Mediums like these are often the ones that have a profound meaning to us, a connection on a level that few things are able to hit. Anime is no exception, with tons literally to choose from, you are bound to discover something truly thought provoking. Let’s take a look at the three anime that I have found to be impactful and deeply moving; whether emotionally speaking or mentally.


Chobits: This was one of the first anime series that I had watched on my own, of my own choice. It was this series that really showed me how engaging anime can be to the audience, what drove my passion forward in finding anime that struck that same emotional chord as Chobits did. What Chobits connected to me was the fact that love is not just something unique to us. It is something that is learned, nurtured, developed. Watching two characters figure out that their relationship is more than just a human/humanoid connection, is something that is enlightening and very emotional.


Angel Beats: An anime that is literally one heck of a feels ride, Angel Beats explores the fates of several individuals caught up in limbo due to either refusal of their deaths or the lack of a satisfying life and so they crave a satisfying fulfillment to their lives. The anime explores dark happenings but also ones of pure-selflessness. The focus on character development is one of a high point and sort of focal point on which the anime rides. You are surely able to connect to a character on one level or the other. What this anime does for the viewer in terms of a thought provocation  is to explore the joys of fulfillment and the sacrifice that sometimes comes with that over all fulfillment.


Toradora: Now, I know I have mentioned this anime a heck ton on this website but, it really is a fantastic anime that explores how we view love and how we interpret it. Sometimes we may look at it one way when it is actually portrayed in another way entirely. The characters in Toradora sure find that out themselves, fumble after fumble. It is in this process in which the characters realize the love that they have sought was something tangible but yet something that they still had to progress towards, to catch before it left out of reach. It was this anime that really showed me that our conceived notions of love are often times wrong, what we feel it should be is not often what it actually turns out to be.  That’s the adventure that Toradora struggles through and finds out that love is something that was subtle and different from the beginning of it all.

When it comes to stories that make you feel, think and wonder, anime has a special spot in the lime-light. So, what were some of the anime that struck some sort of chord with you? Was it an emotional one? A life lesson one? Feel free to comment below about your experiences with some of your favorite anime and other media.


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -The Three Anime That Made Me Wonder-

  1. I don’t think that there is just one genre that stuck with me. What I like about anime is the vastness of genre, so there’s virtually one for everyone. If it’s a good anime, then I’ll like it. If it’s an awesome anime, I’ll love it. Anyway, I hope that you keep on watching anime. Cheers!

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    1. Exactly. That is the joyful aspect of anime. Heck, it’s like getting a mystery gift. You never quite know what you are getting into until you watch it and even then, you never know what you get out of it.

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      1. Indeed. What we can do is just literally sit back and just watch.

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