Progress Point: -1000 Views-

To start off this new section, which will be aimed at site details and goals achieved, we just recently hit 1000 views today. While, a minute number in the grander-scheme of things, 1000 views is more than I ever thought I could obtain in Mid-March. It got me thinking about where this site may end up and what it will become. I do hope that it can continue down a path of further gains, further follows and more varied content. Getting authors on-board is a current and on-going process, which we hope to have done before the end of June, it depends on work schedules and other priorities.


We want to develop OGZ into a platform that is more than just informative but rather, something that can be engaging, tangible and something that can hopefully inspire others to write. I have had more fun working on this website than I have ever had in any other attempt. Websites are blood, sweat and tears and while I may not have much of that, yet, it will surely be something to come. We hope to eventually expand the site, change it up and do something different and yet something still unique that will rub off well with viewers and those subscribers out there.

As far as social media platforms, we are working on setting up a twitter account to work with our site article releases, just trying to find the time to set things up. As far as convention plans go, there is little chance that a convention will be had anytime soon. However, should finances pan out that may change. It would be nice to do a day by day recap of Anime Conventions, however that is still a goal we have here at OGZ.

To finish off in summary, we want to give you the best site we can possibly give you. We will continue to develop our writing styles, our grammar, our flow, our content. We want to be the best site we can be, in order to live up to wanting to bring you the best in gaming, anime and everything in-between. Thank you for the support thus far and we look forward to hitting more milestones as we progress through the rest of 2015!


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