Let’s Talk Gaming: -Fallout 4-


If you were like me and stayed up all last night through the wonderful storms, just to witness the E3 press conference by Bethesda, then you were rewarded with a glimpse into a game that is literally shooting to be more than anyone could have ever anticipated. Last night we were offered a glimpse, a tease, a spectacle, of what to look forward to from the up coming fourth (Fifth if you count Van Buren) Fallout installment. Todd Howard commanded that stage and wowed the audience with reveal, after reveal. Reminiscent of the grand promises of Peter Molyneux, creator of the Fable Series, Todd Howard seems more driven to deliver those promises with actually shown off gameplay mechanics of these systems working and in tow, a dazzled and jaw-dropped audience.


Lets start off with a rather peculiar announcement that was dropped in the middle of the Fallout 4 section of the press conference. Titled, Fallout Shelter, the game is a Fallout based game that was built for mobile devices and tablets. As of right now it is exclusive to the Apple iOS App Store (Although, Bethesda will be talking about a release for Android devices soon) and was made available as soon as the press conference had ended. Taking inspiration from a multitude of games, you play the role as Vault Overseer as you manage, build, grow your very own Vault. You can equip your citizens, send them out into the wasteland, they can work within your Vault and they can even fall in love and yes they can make babies to add to your growing Vault Community. They promise no paid wall barriers, the only paid access to more randomized loot that you unlock via gained lunch boxes. You can farm resources, grow your citizens abilities and survive as long as you can from the onslaught of Radroaches, Raiders, even your own base malfunctions.

Within Fallout 4 you begin life not crawling out of a Vault-Tec Vault, rather you start your morning on a beautiful Saturday as you design your character (Your wife and playable female choice in tow), enjoy some awesome Fallout branding, answer a Vaul-Tec Survey and then rush with your family to the nearest Vault-Tec Vault to avoid nuclear obliteration. It is here, you wake up after 200 years (Supposedly the rumor is you happen to dwell in a Cryo-Sleep based Vault) and wander out into the wastes of Boston. It is here we meet the new Dogmeat and then get thrown into the fantastic world of Fallout’s new features. First off we are dazzled by the new building system. That’s right, building. Areas in the Fallout 4 game will feature wide and open spaces from which the players can create buildings, towns, even Brahmin caravans. Defenses can be hooked up to an electrical grid and custom signs and art can be created with the use of colored terminal boxes. Towns will literally spring up around you and you will have a direct influence upon the wasteland around you. Keep in mind, others may eye your towns as tasty treats. You are subject to raids at any given time.


So, how do you cope with those raids? You can’t rely on defenses alone. You have to arm yourself. Weapons are now modular and can now be crafted by using parts from every item in the Fallout 4 game space. You can customize your pistols, rifles, rocket launchers, baseball bats, etc. You will truly have a weapon that is solely unique to you and your play style. Now, no wasteland dweller would leave home without properly armoring themselves. This modular design extends over to your very own set of power armor. You can customize every little aspect of how it looks as well as the color scheming. While we were not shown if this customization extends over into regular armor as well though, it is a very safe assumption to say that the rest of the armor sets may be just as modular.

In terms of the new aspects to the existing gameplay and engine, Fallout 4 will boast a new and powerful engine that enables fantastic lighting, foliage and scopes. The gameplay looked crisp and fantastic in every aspect of what was demoed to the audience. The VATS system is more improved, with new animations and tweaks to how the system worked though, it is not shown in much detail at the conference. Changes have been made to how the third person dynamics work, aiming seems to be more improved and detailed in the third person mode. The combat seems more fluid and dynamic, new enemy reactions and motions seem more fluid and non-scripted as with past games. Other details of game play shows our character throwing a flare, getting into the Vertibird that landed and proceeding to man a mounted machine gun. Though, there may be a possibility that flying a Vertibird may become an all to real reality for a majority of the die-hard group of fans.


More details are sure to crop up around Tokyo Game Show and other conventions. The game is due for release on November 10, 2015 and is currently available for pre-order. Did I also mention that if you happen to buy the collector’s edition you will get a functioning Pipboy? You can also mount your phone to it for a second screen experience. But no worries, you don’t need the Pipboy for that second screen ability. The app will be released along side the game and is promised to be more than just a playful gimmick. Or at least one that is the best gimmick by far, as far as Todd Howard is concerned.

Are you looking forward to Fallout 4 and the insane features that are to be implemented in the game? What about when Bethesda releases the G.E.C.K. tools to the modding community? All we can say here at OGZ is that, we are looking forward to sharing an ice cold Nuka-Cola this coming fall.

Official Website: http://www.fallout4.com/


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