Let’s Talk Anime: -JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-


What you will say next is, “I really hope this site starts talking about, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!” Well indeed, that is correct if you assumed just that. Today we talk about an anime and manga series that has been around in publication since the earl 1980’s and had a OVA run in the early 1990’s. Now, with Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure kicking off with a new season this past year it is time we gave this delightfully erratic anime a look at. So, ready that breathing and select your Stand because we are going to dive into a witty and random series.

With arguably some of the most amazing rendered openings and songs, as well as fight scenes, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure combines Vampires, Dragonball Z-esque fights and humor that seems all too odd for the situations, and delivers it in a package that is arguably hard not to enjoy and get fully enthralled with. The art style is refreshing and fits the fighting style that defines what this anime is about. It follows a simple, beat one guy up and get stronger routine that seems to favor the series all to well. The animation has no stutter and manages to move fluidly between fights and normal scenes, it even is phenomenal in the opening and closing credits of the anime itself.

When music is concerned, JoJo’s manages to shine brightly, in both the opening credits and the anime itself. Each song fits the anime, in most cases the songs being made just for it. The composition during the show fits the atmosphere and provides an awesome background experience to the overall anime viewing experience. The voice acting is great and often times down right comical, with each voice actor/tress, adding to the body of the anime by giving their characters unique life and personalities all their own. Both the Joestar’s and Dio Brando have some of the best, overall lines I have heard in an anime, besides some of the fantastic dialogue from Gintama.


As a new season is currently running through releases, when looking to see how much in the way of content you will have with this anime, lets just say that this series has a lot under it’s belt. Being in publication since the early 1980’s will give you quite a bit to work with and a lot to look forward to, once the anime is able to meet with the current run of manga release. That being said, as someone who has read the manga, you are able to keep up and notice changes or slight differences in the anime versus the manga; you might even notice changes that you may prefer over what was penned in the manga release. When it comes to the fights, this anime hardly disappoints. Coming from someone who did not watch much Dragonball Z, JoJo’s is able to capture my attention with it’s excellent fights and it’s interesting focus on how the fights play out. Thought, depth and guise go into these fights and they usually do not play out how one would assume they would; sometimes they even just turn entirely around in favor of someone or something that happened several scenes back. They can go on for several episodes or they can consume a slight time slot in the anime, leaving plenty for the next episode or even for more later in the anime. Each character’s fighting style is diverse and no two are ever alike, even though some use the same method or teaching. It allows for a truly diverse roster of moves and fights.

Joesph Joestar & Caesar Zeppeli- JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Now, whether you should watch this depends on how in love with fighting based anime. That being said, while there is heavy emphasis on the fights, there is also emphasis on the bits between each one, albeit it mainly focuses on leading up to the said fight or discovering some sort of secret. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure can be viewed here on Crunchyroll!

Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/jojos-bizarre-adventure


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