Anime Review! -Watamote-


Since you are note popular, lets review this anime together, shall we?

Watamote is an anime that is both random, funny and makes us feel like we are at least a bit better off than our main character, Tomoko Kuroki. The anime explores her first year struggles through high school while not being someone who is of the popular category. With that in mind, the episodes play out over the course of 12 episodes and revolve around Tomoko trying to find clever ways to boost her popularity standing, all the while, making a complete fool of herself; however there is the rare occasion or two where things do end up in her favor, though she is often oblivious to the results of that or takes it in the wrong direction. She does have the support of a good friends and eventually someone on the school committee who try their best to help her out when the time comes. She is awkward, clumsy and down right oblivious at times but it through these events that Tomoko is able to develop herself a bit more with each clumsy encounter.


Characters: While there are several named characters, the anime solely focuses on our dear lead female, Tomoko Kuroki. She is a bit of an awkward penguin and a non social butterfly but she has many aspirations to help develop those dreams into a vague and sometimes ill planned reality. However, she is peppy, random and just down right forward with her feelings, albeit internally, rather than externally. Shy and slightly concerned at times for her appearance, Tomoko develops into a humorous character that will sometimes make us think about the shy and odd things we did or maybe are doing in her exact situation.

Animation/Art Style: The art style as well as the fluid animations are simply awesome. The coloring and variation in its use helps to provide us with a wacky, dark and absurd feeling anime. Why those choice of words? Well, it helps to point out that Tomoko tends to dance the fringes and has a rather cynical view on others around her. Its stylistic feel gives it a much more refreshing look if you are in the shop for more anime selection.

Watamote - 11 - Large 09

Music: Music will sometimes help the anime, other times it can easily hinder it. Watamote fits in the neutral category. I often judge an anime when I hear its composition but for Watamote it doesn’t do it either way. This is just a general opinion and doesn’t reflect what others may think but the songs are memorable and do often add to the humorous moments, other times they don’t help much in the way of just being there.

The Subtle Impact:  We all know someone who is as awkward as Tomoko is or maybe that person was ourselves. Tomoko can cause us to think about how we view others who may be as reclusive or shy as Tomoko may be. After all, we are with her through her glorious quest to crawl out of the awkward hole that she is in, even so the fellow members that are in the hole with her treat her differently, much like others  do within the anime fan base. It helps to push us to think about what we do and think about others.


Closing Comments: While a peculiar anime, it is still a funny one at that if you are looking to get into a short anime to watch. With only 12 episodes it is possible to finish this in just about two days if not a bit less. The art style is a main driving point as is the humorous dialogue that is placed throughout the anime’s entirety. I would be interested in returning to this series should a second season crop up on Crunchyroll.  If you haven’t read the manga, be sure to give it a read! It is delightfully witty and humorous and the anime stays fairly faithful to the what the manga had established.



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