Let’s Talk Gaming: -Crusader Kings 2-


Lets get straight to the point. I love handheld gaming, I truly do but every now and then I get this itch that only PC games seem to be able to scratch. Those in question tend to be the overly complicated strategy games that Paradox Studio’s seems to publish and produce for the PC market. One such game is Crusader Kings 2. So lets take a closer look at this unique title.


Crusader Kings 2 is a strategy game set during the medieval days of Europe, Northern Africa and far east India. You as the player may choose a historical ruler, or one of your own making, and lead it’s family line to victory. You will play countless generations of children as you try to rule over as many territories as you can, with the game ending after the allotted years have passed or if your family is all but lost to the pages of history. You can essentially set your own goals and aspirations or even carve out an empire all your own with this game. It’s base content is vast, really vast. Add on a few amazing DLC expansions (Which are only necessary if you want to play a specific religion, culture or area of the map) and you got a game that literally has infinite possibilities at its door step. No two starts are ever quite the same and your family may end up where you least expect them to end up. You can wage wars for different reasons or you can wage them in the name of an almighty God or Goddess. With Crusader Kings 2, the world is literally your playground but one that is constantly evolving and dynamically changing in order for the AI to meet it’s own needs. You not only compete with rival factions, courtiers, council members and other lords; you also compete with your own family members.


In terms of how high of a learning curve, it depends on your experience, however the game is rather difficult to start off playing as there is not much in the way of any in-game tutorial that helps you learn the ropes as you go. You will essentially have to blunder your way through or possibly pull up a few tutorial videos on YouTube to help you get the hang of things. Once you do get a general grasp of how the game works, you can more fully enjoy it. Then you can challenge yourself with iron man mode or even more mods for added diversity. There is a wonderfully active modding community that strives to make the already complex and amazingly fun game, even better. Whether you wish to play in the land of Mordor or maybe as a man of the Westros; you have but your computer to limit you. The game isn’t too terribly demanding but will still run a tad sluggish on older rigs. It is a very well polished game and has little to no bugs however most of the mods are a pickle and have trouble working together and some bigger ones can crash without much warning.

While still sitting around the 19.99USD price point on Steam and other stores, the game is consistently featured on sale, as well as its massive library of DLC. Humble Bundle’s store front tends to feature the game on sale, as does Steam from time to time. So, if you are wanting a game that is fun, diverse and has a massive replay factor, you may just want to consider taking this one up.

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/203770/

Humble Bundle: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/p/crusaderkings2collection_storefront


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