Let’s Talk Gaming: -Persona 4: Golden-


Once in a while there is a game that comes along and manages to get you swept up into a storm of fanfare and giddy excitement when you boot up a game. For myself, this item in particular is Persona 4 Golden. A game that is essentially a remaster to the PS2 original yet, it manages to bring a slew of new additions to the game and giving an audience on a mobile platform the ability to experience the Persona series in all its glory.

The game plays extremely well on the PS Vita system, as it should since it was released exclusively for the system. While it doesn’t make use of the extra features that comes with the PS Vita, it does take advantage of the hardware and the portability factor. This game is consistently featured in the top ten list of just about any PS Vita owner and that is won with it’s well rounded game play, fun factor, awesome anime based cut-scenes and great dialogue. While exploring themes of personality and some adult issues, the games story is a fantastic one at that. While I am only a bit into the game, it has a terrific atmosphere and tons to do! The characters and their personalities are things that are fun to learn about and explore throughout the game. Each character feels alive and unique, they seem like they actually have lives to live, rather than just mindless NPC’s who just meddle around aimlessly. Speaking of excellent gameplay, the game makes use of a day system and during the day you can do certain things but no matter the choice, those events may use up the day. Which limits what you can or cannot do thus giving incentive for a second play through, which I plan fully on doing when I manage to finish the game.


In terms of music, this game is stocked with a great library and doesn’t disappoint. While the same music is used over and over for battles or other situations, there is enough variation and lengths of frequency that allows for a diversity of song and music. The extra’s section of the game gives you access to all of these great songs, as well as a few from the previous game Persona 3 FES. The animation of the cutscenes is just like that of a typical anime that you would enjoy sitting down to watch. The better part is the fact that there is also a Persona 4 anime! So it is essentially a win win situation. The anime even manages to take a few fun queues from the game and incorporates them within the show. However keeping on track, the enjoyable scenes were something that were unfortunately cut from the portable version of Persona 3. But thankfully the Vita’s version does not have that issue and we can get the same game we have loved since the PS2 release, on this device in a more delightful and expanded version than before.


So, if you happen to own a PS Vita and maybe have enjoyed the PS2 original, you may want to pick this up for the updated graphics, new quests and new characters to interact with and develop bonds with. Again this is only a PS Vita game so you will not be able to enjoy it on a console and for better or worse, I believe that it being a Vita exclusive is all the more inticing for purchasing a Vita.


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