Let’s Talk Anime: -Mushi-Shi-


When it comes to wonderfully delightful anime, Mushi-Shi is one that tends to stand out. However it is also one that seems to be a bit of a mysterious anime to others. Whether or not that is due to a limited exposure to most anime viewers or the fact that it just doesn’t appeal to some, Mushi-Shi is a spectacular hidden jewel in a sea of endless anime and manages to hold a delightful story that evolves with each passing episode.

The story of Mushi-Shi is something that isn’t carried from episode to episode; while there are characters that show up from time to time, there isn’t a story that continues episode to episode. However, each episode is it’s own self contained story and each episode follows a lesson to be learned. The Mushi, which are living entities that a normal person cannot perceive, live all around us and sometimes influence us for good or bad reasons, sometimes in-directly. Our main character Ginko, plays the role of a Mushi-Shi, a person that can see Mushi and tries to study them and help those troubled by the Mushi. Within each episode there is a different story of struggle or a different life lesson that is learned; Ginko acting as a catalyst for some events in the story at times. Other times Ginko is just merely a background presence in the anime depending on the circumstances of the episode.


The anime plays out like a Miyazaki film and gives off a calming and refreshing vibe. It is not an over the top action anime nor is it one that showers its audience with snippets of fan service. Rather it spins a wonderful tale from episode to episode in order to captivate its audience. The art style is something uniquely its own, yet gives off a very Miyazaki feeling when watching it. The characters as wonderfully animated and drawn and the backgrounds and scenery give the audience something to enjoy. While there are recurring characters, the ones you meet do last with you. You learn o quickly care for these short lived characters and even some of the Mushi that pop up from time to time. There are so many types of Mushi that there are always more and more exotic ones popping up to cause trouble or help. They themselves are also wonderfully drawn and are as intricate as the regular characters of the anime themselves.


The composition of the anime is also something of a beautiful note. The openings are just as amazing as any other anime before them. Thought and consideration was but in to this score as it can be felt and understood while watching the anime. Much like how Toradora’s composition adds to the emotion and meaning, Mushi-Shi’s score does just that as well and provides a sobering and hopeful environment and can often times add a bit of a suspenseful tone. However for me personally the openings are delightfully wonderful to listen to. In short, Mushi-shi is an anime that will stir a mystical story in a land that seems artistic and gorgeous on the eyes.


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