Let’s Talk Anime: -My Top Five Openings-


This article has been something that has taken about a week or so to write due to the simple fact that this was a hard article to write. Anime openings are something of a subject matter as they all tend to have an almost cult like following. As I said in another article, sometimes it is the opening that draws in the crowd and that is not something that is said lightly. There are tons of amazing anime openings and closings; though for the sake of this article we will only focus on the openings. Note: The openings are in no way listed in terms of how much I like them. These are just an overall top five in no specific order. So, lets get jamming!


This anime opening makes my list due to the simple fact that I love how colorful and how well the music fits the anime. Kyousougiga was sort of a hidden gem that crept up onto Crunchyroll and while it had a slightly confusing plot line, it was a delightful anime full of heart and profound meaning. It has bright visuals and excellent voice acting and will easily be a anime that you will want to watch over again just for the sake of fun.

Kill La Kill

Note: Due to either Trigger or AMBIGUOUS’s label holder, I could only use this English version as the Japanese videos that remain are either sped up or altered with a higher pitch… This anime is something of a nostalgic throw back to the older beat’em up anime like DBZ. While a flashy opening, I adore the song to pieces and it even sounds great in English! The anime is well worth a watch for anyone who enjoyed the last collaboration between the two animators. (Gurren Lagann was their first project)


This was a chance anime that I stumbled upon when I still had a Netflix account. An anime based on the manga works of the same author who also penned Durarara!! Baccano! is a splendid anime that manages to wrap up fantasy and throw it into the ever so amazing 1940’s era feel. I love the big band feel to this opening and it is one that I always have to have going on in the background.


What is there to say about this opening and this anime. If you want a ‘slice of life’ which is what Crunchyroll had classified this anime under then this is a fantastic one. I wish everyday life was like this… But that wishful-ness aside, the opening perfectly conveys how the anime itself feels and works. A must for anyone looking for a hilarious anime and a terrific opening.


So this fifth place is still tied up and I could not part with either opening. Both are excellent and both are amazing anime! Toradora is a delightful and emotional engagement that causes you too look at love in a different light while Durarara!! helps to show the darker paths we walk and how life is not quite as it may seem on the surface.

This has to be one of the more difficult articles I have written yet. Mainly because narrowing down a list to just five(ish) was stressful enough. Each opening I like for different reasons; whether that was for the story, the music or just the fondness of the anime. However there a plenty more that I want to share so.. I will save those all for another rainy day. What are some of your favorite openings? Did I manage to post one here? Feel free to comment below!


3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -My Top Five Openings-

  1. Primus Game Reviews- Games and Gains May 29, 2015 — 3:33 pm

    My favourite are: The American Dbz theme I’m c’mon the sentimental value is priceless. Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Again by YUI. (The first ending theme is very moving too). *Bleach Op 1- *Asterisk*. Naruto op 5 and Naruto Shippuden Op 10. Finally of course the latest one storming the internet: Shingeki no Kyoujin Op 1.

    I find all these opening either emotionally moving or uplifting, and for that they brought a whole new mood each distinctive story arc!

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    1. I really considered the first FMAB and the first AoT opening as well. But you spoke well for them right there. That’s the great thing about openings, they help the mood even more so. 🙂


      1. Primus Game Reviews- Games and Gains May 29, 2015 — 3:40 pm


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