Let’s Talk Anime: -Gintama-


Prepare yourselves for a rather wild, Let’s Talk Anime! So, lately my time on crunchyroll has been consumed and swallowed whole by the amazing anime they call Gintama. Wildly funny, spontaneous, serious, deep and wall breaking. This anime has had a lengthy run and a start in the famous JUMP publications that circulate in Japan. I had several people tell me to watch this and I simply put them off for several months until I finally felt ready to sit down and watch a long series. While only 70 episodes into the 270+ series, I have to say I am a fan of this amazing show. So lets get to the beef of the matter and talk a bit more about why Gintama is as fun as it is.

Gintama is one of those anime that takes a preconceived notion of what is allowed and what isn’t and literally puts it through a blender and then serves it all around. It is something that tries so hard to push the bar higher than it should be and does so with so much comical success. Every character is unique and it is easy for anyone to find a favorite. Mine being both Kondou of the Shinsengumi and Sarutobi.


When it comes to dialogue, this is something that this anime truly shines in and also has a special quirk with in regards to how much it engages in its own existence and how much fun it pokes at the viewers who happen to be watching at the time. It truly is a joy to see an anime that doesn’t take itself all to seriously and manages to still keep you engaged with tender/awesome moments that bring you back down into your seat and show you that this anime can still have heart as well as guff. The anime being slightly older improves with every episode it releases and by time you hit the 200’s you being to see the change in artistic style, or so I am told. As far as the music goes, the series has it’s usual key notes for certain situations, those being intense or comical moments.

As far as unique and interesting anime go, this one easily takes a shining spot for anyone interested in an absolutely random and absurd anime. While for myself it fills a delightful niche, in terms of being a long term anime and one that is absolutely hilarious, it does so with class. This anime does have its serious moments and gives it enough of a birth to allow it’s users to stop and think about the anime as a whole and you can easily learn to appreciate and love the simple and also over the top antics that the cast fumble their way through in order to provide and ever lasting and memorable anime viewing experience. In terms of the manga release, I have little to no knowledge concerning that situation as I have yet to read the official manga to see if it remains fairly faithful to the original. You can find this whole anime on Crunchyroll as of this writing.

Crunchyroll: http://www.crunchyroll.com/gintama


4 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Anime: -Gintama-

  1. Some of my favourite blogging buddies have long recommended Gintama. It’s only last month that I started watching it. I want very impressed with the first episode, but by the time I was asking the 5th one, I was laughing like a lunatic. I have other anime that I’m watching, so I can’t watch this as often as I like. But I enjoy it whenever I do. Good post. Keep on watching anime and blogging about it.

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    1. I agree fully. I have had to have a bit of self-restraint with how much I watch, haha.


      1. Indeed. I know how you feel. Please excuse my previous comment. I’m a bit ashamed of the typos. Darn phone autocorrect. Anyway, enjoy Gintama. Cheers!

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      2. No worries! We all struggle with the grammars time to thyme… : D

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