Let’s Talk Gaming: -PS Vita Slim PCH-2001 Review-


So I did an article a while back about the PS Vita slim but I treated it as a new to you type of introduction to the console. However, it has been a little bit past a month and I wanted to give my full impressions of the device in hopes that is may hopefully help those who may be on the fence about getting a Sony handheld. So, lets dive right in!

The Console: What is there to write about this console that hasn’t already been written? Sony has managed to deliver a console that provides a nice and very real effort to push console like gaming on the go. The build of the console is great and while not a premium build it definitely is a sturdy build that holds up incredibly well. With two analogue sticks to boot and dual touch screens, this console offers a playing experience unlike any other; while also using internal gyroscopes to allow for any even more engaged experience. However the touchscreen interface for some games just doesn’t cut it as the extra shoulder buttons or actions that you would get from a controller, however they doe work very well once you become accustomed to the unusual play style. The console utilizes a cartridge based system for loading games and also allows for digitally downloaded titles in place of the physical copies. All of these mediums require internal storage or at least a size-able memory card to boot. Battery life is very good on the device. I can compare it to how well my “new” 3DS Xl performs, while it varies on how intensive of a game you play, you should average several hours of play, however bigger games like Borderlands 2 will eat up a lot more battery life. The graphics are another thing to be in-love with. While not entirely PS3 level, they are very close and some games manage to push to bar higher. Games like Killzone: Mercenary actually run on the engine they utilized for their PS3 counter-parts.


Games: In terms of the range of games, RPG’S really shine on this system due to its power and capacity to field graphically amazing games. The larger v ram and processor also give these games a lot to work with. Now in the defence of the PS Vita, it’s games library for the north American market is limited but take into account you have a console that is not region locked, the you have access to European and Japanese exclusive releases. You truly have access to a global library. However you tend to mainly see roleplaying type games and a few shooters sprinkled here and there.

Versus other handhelds: When looking to compare the handheld to other handhelds, the PS Vita shines in terms of its performance and console like games. It is hard to say if it is better than its only other competition, the Nintendo 3DS. Every game system has its own unique performance and factors everything in differently. However if you are looking for graphically more impressive games then the PS Vita is a path to take. Remote play is another factor that gives this console access to a larger library as well, since almost every PS4 game is able to be played on the handheld itself.

Final Thoughts: Finishing up this review will just be some final thoughts on the device. It is a powerhouse when it comes to what the device is capable of playing and doing with regards to the software that it has at its disposal. In terms of the gaming selection, everyone can find a bit of something that they truly enjoy on this platform and every game has a massive replay factor due to having support with Playstation’s trophy system. In the end, if you want a PlayStation system on the go, the you won’t find a better console for the price you can pay for right now.


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