A ramble about the new anime review structure!


Today due to the odd work schedule I have, I had to push back a anime article I was working on so, today you guys get lucky and get stuck with this!! Woohoo! Blow the horns and bang the drums! Slightly dull article in bound! But in all honesty, I feel like I will talk about this a bit more in depth just so it makes a bit of sense.

How I will rate anime will be based on a varied criteria. I tried something new with the Toradora! review and I don’t feel like it adds enough of what I want to talk about. I limit myself in the sense that I try to stray away from spoiling too much. I know some of the anime may be older but, most probably have not seen it. I also want to provide new viewers with some general information that may be of interest to them and may very well drive a decision in what anime they may well watch. So here are the criteria I will be looking to stick with when reviewing.

  • General summary about anime
  • Characters
  • Animation quality
  • Music
  • How well the anime runs or impacts upon the viewer (Will vary between viewer)
  • Final thoughts and watch or not watch vote

I figured I wouldn’t want to stick with a number ranking as it is hard to truly put a number value on to something that others may rate higher than my personal opinion, how ever a watch or not watch vote is really tricky to do as well and I see myself bending the yay or nay vote quite often. As far as why I HEAVILY link Crunchyroll and Hulu is simply to do with the fact that I personally cannot condone viewing anime on less than legal sites. I know the bureaucracy of things like Hulu and Crunchyroll and how much that may help the creators is convoluted but it runs better for the long run in my opinion. I’m not sponsored in anyway, just what I use! So, hopefully this structure will add some basis to what I will follow when reviewing and looking at anime and I figured I would share it with you lovely viewers!

I hope you all enjoyed this thrilling post, I apologize for work but, not much you can do with an odd shift schedule!


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