10th Subscription Milestone!


Well, it may seem like a small number it is indeed a milestone in itself. It shows progress and a hopeful future that keeps on growing ever more so. I thank those so far who have supported this simple website just by following it. I hope to grow a more involved follower base as the time progresses and I hope to be able to do a ship ton more than what I am currently doing with this website. Ideally I would enjoy being able to go to conventions on a rather monthly basis but financially that isn’t do-able so, we gotta work with what we got! This website is the culmination of what I have been wanting to do for the past four years. I never thought I would be able to keep a site up for this long but I have happily proven myself wrong. It’s been nothing but a blast so far and I cannot wait to see what this site evolves into.

In terms of what the schedule will flow like for this website will be solely dependent upon my work schedule and how quickly I can garnish material to cover. I am currently working through two anime and will hopefully be able to review them when I can. Toradora! was the latest in that list and if you have not seen that anime, stop reading this and get over to Hulu or Crunchyroll and do so. Also check out my small review of it! But in terms of gaming news, we have E3 just around the corner so I will at least be looking out for a hopeful new Star Wars Battlefront trailer, more PS Vita news and the big one… Fallout 4.  So that’s when I may be posting gaming related news but I do have some articles I would like to work on for what time I have currently put in with the PS Vita.

So that will just about do it for me in regards to this article. I will hopefully be working on getting something out before work today but I still have quite a bit of digging for this one since it will be a lot of video links… In short though, thank you for all the subscriptions! I hope to see many more follow. For now, I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs used in an anime opener. Try to guess which anime, haha. Enjoy!


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