Let’s Talk Anime: -Music Vol. 2-


Continuing with my original lets talk on anime music, I figured I would give a better look at the type of music that surrounds us in everything we watch and do as well. I mean, music is what gives life’s moments that much more substance, it is almost necessary at times in the shows we watch if you really think about it. Try to imagine some of your favorite movies or shows without that background music behind it. It just seems flat and mundane, right? Well, atleast in my opinion it does. So what I want to do differently in this one is more or less explore how impacting music can be on the viewer and that of the anime itself. So, grab your favorite headphones or speakers and get ready to listen!

The Impact on the Viewer/Scene: We all know those moments, an epic song queues at the right moment and it stirs a sense of excitement or dread even in us. Maybe our favorite character(s) have triumphed in the most epic fashion possible or maybe there was an unexpected tragedy. Regardless of the situation, it was more impacting and powerful because the composition behind it was able to stir a response from us. Think about it. Try watching say a fight scene from an anime, Kill la Kill for my example. The hero(ine) is engaged in an epic fight, the sounding music fills the scene and we get all that much more excited. Now, play that scene back, just minus the music. You will get the sounds effects from the foley sounds that we are used to as background (i.e. swords clanging or doors opening) and the grunts and bits of dialogue from the characters. Maybe it may still have an impact but for most that moment lacks something important. The inspiration or dread that our character feels. Without that composition to provide the emotion, the scene wouldn’t be as memorable.

The Impact on the Anime/Artist(s): When we find a series that we adore and we find that the accompanying composition or featured artists are equally amazing we tend to purchase the album and even the anime or show itself for a hard copy. Music can sometimes sell the anime itself. While I cannot think of an example to list here, I know for myself personally the music was a factor that made the anime or very well broke some. While an anime like Durarara!! or Toradora weren’t lacking in draw or attention for me, the music really added the final piece to make the the anime that much more memorable. They even help to boost the sales of the artists that poor their hearts into making the songs we enjoy to listen to so much. It gives them more money and it gives the studio more money to keep continuing the production of anime we all very much love and enjoy. Whether it is both emotional or inspiring. These musics will forever have a lasting impact on what we watch and will forever influence with whom we talk it about it to and to hopefully spread the anime even further than the intended audience it was trying to reach.

Music will always have an ever lasting impact on the viewer. It is simple, in that it always surrounds us, but when it is wielded and placed right, it can draw upon a depth that is just not normally tangible. It stirs a plethora of emotions that normally aren’t easy to access unless it is drawn out through very emotional dialogue. Music just speaks to us all on a different level that most words can;t often reach. It’s why we have songs that we like to share with someone special because it conveys something special. It’s why shows and anime use this in order to give the user base something that just flows into your ears and into your subconscious. So, next time you got that anime you loved pulled up, try to give that music a bit of love. Whether it is an anime opening or something that is part of the official soundtrack. Crank it up and enjoy.


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