Let’s Talk Gaming: -The Handheld/Console Decision-


This article has been something I have been fiddling around in my head with as lately I have seen a fair bit of YouTube video rants running amok about why handheld devices are not worth it when you can find a much more full and satisfying experience waiting for you on a console. What does that mean for you as the consumer? Well, take it however you want to take it. You know yourself what you prefer and enjoy more than anyone else but, we all need a bit of information from time to time to help us make a definite decision and choice. So lets dive into why this topic is one of importance and strife in the gaming community. Now, hopefully this may also help serve as a route for you to take when considering gaming alternatives or new spaces for whatever the reason may be. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time or money so you think a handheld might work best for you or maybe you are on a handheld and possibly wanting to get into console gaming. We will do our best to help give you a fair bit of information. First off lets talk about the key factors of each device. Will start with some details about the two types of devices.

Consoles: Offer an engrossing and consuming experience that takes you into a whole new world of possibilities and stories with the lush graphical narratives that we all have come to enjoy or the pure adrenaline engaging shooters we all come to love and hate. They offer a much more definitive multimedia experience and often serve as our Blu-Ray/DVD players and our main avenue for Netflix and other applications. They require time and effort to fully get an immersive experience and will often leave you feeling immensely satisfied. However, they do tend to do this at a cost. Play times usually run from an hour to about three hours, or even more. The games themselves run upwards of 49.99USD and up. The initial, foot in the door costs, are high as well, often starting at the 399 or 499USD price ranges. However, you are getting games that are fully fleshed out and offer an amazing experience.

Handhelds: Offer the user a portable device that is great for users strapped on cash and time. While not as beefy as their console counterparts, handhelds offer a delightful medium between consoles and portability. While not as media driven as their console counterparts and often sold as an accessory to the console, handhelds will generally start at a 199 to 249USD price range. The games themselves start as low as 39.99USD and up. Offering a more attractive up front cost, the handhelds are often aimed to a much younger audience, although many older generations appreciate the devices themselves. Offering playtime in more bite size portions, which can range from as low as 10 minutes to 30 minutes; sometimes even to an hour of play time. The only limiting factor is the devices battery size and life. Most handhelds can enjoy a battery life of 4-7 hours, depending of course upon use and how much down time it gets. While lacking in some categories when it comes to fleshed out games, handhelds often offer enjoyable alternatives and ports.

Alright, hopefully that helped to give a bit of information about the two devices. Now you may or may not be asking yourself this…. “How do I know which one to go with?” or “I like what both have to offer, is there someway I can get a satisfying mix of the two?” or even “This is a stupid article… I’m going back to bed.” Well, maybe not the last one but the first two questions may be common among the general user base. Truth is, it is a question I have been working at myself. I enjoy console and PC gaming as much as the person next to me would but, at the same time I grew up with a Nintendo Game Boy Color as my first console. As I am writing this, I am currently working through a phase where I find handheld devices much more appealing and am struggling with trying to suppress my desire to want to play on an actual console. It isn’t because I hate my console, it just boils down to time and money. Though the money situation I did actually cover in a former article, which you should totally check out! Time is a key factor in any choice we make in life and the same is strongly said for gaming. The truth of the matter is that a majority of console or PC games do take up a rather sizable time commitment and many handheld games do not. Now before you jump me here, I do realize that the opposite of what I said can also hold true. There are games on consoles that take up little time requirements and there are games on handhelds that demand a sizable time slot.

What it ultimately boils down to is what you as the gamer and or collector are wanting out the the system. Games have a huge deciding factor in what we purchase. Maybe each console has a specific series you enjoy or maybe they cater to one type of game more so than any other console. The beauty of this is that this is all of your own choice. However it is a choice that will weigh on many as you usually stick with what you get for the long haul. If you buy a console or handheld and find out that the gaming selection is poor or there is only one game you got the device for, then maybe it wasn’t a sound investment or maybe you felt your heart was in the wrong place when you chose this path. In either event, games will always be a driving force in the choices we make in the consoles or handheld that we pursue.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article! It was a bit tricky for me to write, I have no clue as to why but, I figure everyone is a bit different in their tastes. Would love to hear what your guys have to say about your choice in gaming platform or your possible move to a new one!

can help you in the time department, you may want to consider a handheld for that situation.


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