Let’s Talk Anime: -The Anime(s) That Showed me a Brave New World-

Anime Collage by Cinos619
Anime Collage by Cinos619

When it comes to a passion or an interest, we all had the same simple start. Whether that was your first gaming console or your first pet. We develop a keen interest from there forward. For myself my interest in Anime has a always been something of an oddity. Shows I used to see when I was younger, didn’t rub off as something that wasn’t made here in America. Heck, I couldn’t tell the difference from most cartoon’s or anime back then. As I got older however, I began to see a clear distinction between the two. So, grab your enchanted brooms and your fastest spaceship because we are about to jam!


Starting us off at number one is Cowboy Bebop. A classic and sort of a cult hit, Cowboy Bebop is the traditional space-faring, gun toting, guy with boobs anime that we all have come to love. It also gave us an unhealthy labeling of all Corgis as Ein. It’s old style visuals still hold up fairly well and it has a soundtrack that is very hard-pressed to be beaten. It has all the charm of a space opera, wrapped up into a delicious and eye pleasing anime that the world over has come to appreciate. I wouldn’t have the pleasure of owning a physical copy of the series until my freshman year in college. But, when I originally saw this on some random t.v. channel as a kid, I was hooked and dragged fully into a world that I would never want to leave. It had such an impact, on the level of what Star Wars had on me. There are plenty of good space flicks riding around out there but if you really want a great anime to sink your teeth into, you gotta pick up a copy of Cowboy Bebop.


Running hot on the heels of Cowboy Bebop is our number two, Kiki’s Delivery Service. Now bear with me as my memory of this movie runs from my blurry memory of my younger years and thinking that this was a t.v. show series that had been running since the early 90’s… But Kiki’s Delivery Service, was really my first introduction to what would become a strong love and appreciation for Miyazaki films. I remember how playful it looked and felt and how drawn into the art style I was, however it wouldn’t be until the fantastic movie, Spirited Away, that I would fully come to love and appreciate anime as a whole, whether that was for a televised series or a theatrical run. Not much to note here sadly as I have yet to re-watch Kiki’s Delivery Service…


The Third and final anime that shoved me into the deep end wasn’t a high-octane or over the top fan service anime. It was actually Chobits. It was a funny, thoughtful and tear jerking anime that really personified a terrific anime. While the art style doesn’t stand quite well these days, it is still an amazing anime to watch. This was the first anime I fell in love with and it was definitely the first to have me fully invested in the characters. Even the Manga is still a fantastic read these days, especially if you can get the all encompassing one that has all the issues built in!

I think everyone has a unique list of anime(s) and even manga that brought them into a world they never knew existed. Now and days, it represents a global industry and economy that generates huge and fiercely loyal fan-bases and worth while conventions to go to! So, what are some of your anime(s) that helped bring you into the fold? Or maybe you are just starting out with anime, in that case feel free to share what your viewing experience has been thus far!


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