Anime Review! -Non Non Biyori-

Non Non Biyori. All copy rights belong to their respective holders.
Non Non Biyori. All copy rights belong to their respective holders.

Imagine you are just a simple girl who moved from the big city to a small country town. Now imagine that you take the antics and events of Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) and slap into a more laid back but yet equally humorous show called Non Non Biyori. That is pretty much what we get here. That being said, it is still a drastically different show than Nichijou was but still holds a strong funny and slice of life type atmosphere. From the random events to the joyful tones, Non Non Biyori shines as an anime that has soul and character. So , lets dig in and start dissecting the great aspects of this anime.


First will shall waltz into the magical land of story telling. Sticking to the same vein as Nichijou did in how it handles day to day events, Non Non Biyori flows effortlessly into each episode. While each episode does not have a direct connection to the last, some events do roll over but not as frequently, which gives each episode it’s own unique and stand alone feel. Trust me, you won’t feel lost from episode to episode. The story of the anime isn’t overly sentimental or too over the top rather, it holds a nice calm mixture of the two which, really works hand in hand with its countryside setting. You really get sucked into feeling like your life is going at a slower pace than normal and it works well with the setting overall. The dialogue is superb and random. The voice acting is just as good. Each character has their own unique quirks and individuality; though the standout character has to be Ren-Chon. She is essentially the doctor from Nichijou.


In terms of the animation, the anime is only two years old so, it still looks and feels very fresh and amazing. In terms of what I compare animation qualities and drawing styles too is rough. Each anime has it’s own unique style but there are those that standout like a sore thumb; for either positive or negative reasons. Non Non Biyori however, stands out fairly well and has a very fluid and solid animation base and is done professionally. The characters are drawn excellently and the background environment flows effortlessly into what the anime is itself. The backgrounds have almost a Miyazaki esque style of drawing and flow seamlessly into each frame. In terms of the audio, the sound effects and acting are very  superb and the voices match the characters well. Ren-Chon’s voice actress did a superb job in my opinion and has a varied emotion pallet, even though she seems to be a flat character most of the time, she is actually quite varied in her range. The music is soft and elegant yet is full of energy when it needs to be. It often reminds me a lot of the soft bits that filled Durarara!!! and Nichijou’s soundtracks.


While these reviews tend to be skimpish, it is due in part to me not wanting to spoil every little detail as I feel these anime are best explored on ones own terms. That also being said I will be reworking with how I conduct my reviews by having an official out line and point system to fill out while I watch and re-watch said animes. Thank you for your views and hope to see you all in the next one!


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