Let’s Talk: Status on Anime Reviews/Gaming Stuff!

Hello everyone! This post will be a bit less formal than the others. I wanted to touch on the status that was my review process and I have to say, it is rather difficult finding time to watch anything with finals coming up but I have managed to run through Persona 4: The Golden Animation fairly quickly, only have a few left. I know that this anime is hardly new but it is actually a decent anime, if you also enjoyed the games, then this is a fun anime to watch. As far as new ones go, well I am I still watching them as most still have yet to finish, so there may be an old anime review or ‘look back’ as I may refer to them in the coming future. There are a lot of unusual and awesome anime releasing and I am looking forward to seeing them all.

In terms of possible gaming news, I could add to the ever growing list of posts about the Star Wars: Battlefront game but, my views may receive a bit of flak, however I may still post something on the topic. I also received a new handheld console that I need to work on a topic about, it’s fairly new but not quite what I was originally planning on getting but it still fills a need of mine and has helped me sate my  craving for quality on the go. As far as a video tie in, my channel has taken a bit of a dip due to the schedule of work and finals. I don’t have a lot of time to record as I had originally hoped to have but hey, you got to make due with what you got. So, this website helps fill a nice role and i am hoping with classes ending soon, that I can pour a massive amount of effort into making this website really shine with polish and content.  As far as games I am currently playing, well I have three on my new handheld that I am currently gunning away at and having a blast with. One may or may not be a Persona game but hey.

Anyways, that is a wrap. As I stated above it will be a bit of an odd post as I don’t have any sort of images to throw in. Hopefully I can also get an article of sorts up tonight covering my new handheld system as well as what I currently am playing on it. Until then, stay classy and clean.


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