Gaming Spotlight: Attack on Titan- Humanity in Chains

Attack on Titan. All copy rights and trade marks belong to their respective owners.
Attack on Titan. All copy rights and trade marks belong to their respective owners.

When news reached the anime and Nintendo handheld world that an Attack on Titan games was being made for release in Japan, many of us gave it a standing ovation; yet we were also sad as not many of us own a Japanese 3DS to have been able to play it on. Well, fret no more my fellows! For this coming May 2015, Atlus & Spikechun soft, will have brought us Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains. From what is seen from the Japanese gameplay videos, this game looks phenomenal and seems to shine very well on the 3DS. Not to mention the inclusion of 4 player co-op and custom characters! I can finally fulfill my dream of playing as William Shatner in Attack on Titan! Wait, did I just type that aloud?

Not the North American box art but a representation none the less.
Not the North American box art but a representation none the less.

The main website, which will be provided, goes into wonderful detail about what we can expect from the game itself. Yes, it will also support the circle pad pro accessory and the “new” 3DS Xl by default. The game features a story mode which will no doubt follow around our favorite characters through the blissful act of killing Titans and crying, a lot. Not so sure about the crying part but, no doubt there will be some awesome experiences! The second game mode is called World mode and that follows a ‘build your own hero’ path and allows to take on some missions and customize your character to become the most efficient Titan killing machine! They will learn to fear you and be in awe of you as you evolve and progress with your character through the missions that they undertake.  No price point has been posted at this time however, we can possibly expect maybe possibly a 40USD pricing on the game.

If you enjoyed the anime as much as I did, I am sure that you will enjoy this game even more so! As of right now, Nintendo should still have the first two Japanese dubbed episodes available for viewing on the eshop! So, are you excited for this game as well? If so, feel free to comment about what you expect or look forward to about this game!

Face the Titian threat!
Face the Titian threat!

If that doesn’t get you pumped I don’t know what will! All I can say is that I will have this soundtrack system lined up to enjoy this game to! As for the lateness of article posts, I can only say we will try to get content out as quick as we can. Work in our daily lives takes priority currently! Thank you for all the likes and follows thus far! Again, the game is slated for a release sometime in May 2015!

Official site:


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