What’s On My Crunchyroll Queue!


Thinking this would be a grand idea to help share some particular anime selections from all the Crunchyroll has to offer. That being said the queue that I have, has no rhyme or reason to it. Mainly it is just what ever looked interesting or funny or was personally recommended to me. Without further stalling, here is my current Crunchyroll queue!

  • Re-Kan!


  • Non Non Biyori


  • Muromi-san


  • Toradora


Titles that just debuted with their first episode…

  • Triage X (No decent pictures available but, a lot of fan-service ones!)
  • Takamiya Nasuno Desu!


  • Wish Upon the Pleiades


  • Sound! Euphonium


  • Plastic Memories


So there you have it! My list of unwatched anime as it currently stands. I still keep the ones I have finished in my queue as well, just to have quick and easy access to them all. I am hoping that the lists of new anime that I have are all very enjoyable, although I feel Triage X will fall in line with High School of the Dead…. So, we shall see how that ends up! Also, I cannot recommend Non Non Biyori enough! It is a FANTASTIC anime and falls into the same silly line as Nichijou (My Ordinary Life) did, while not as absurdly random as Nichijou was, yet fun in it’s own way. Currently on the lats episode and will be doing a review of that anime, even though it may not be current, it still is worth a look at for those who have not seen it.

If anyone has a question about what all I have seen, feel free to ask! My list is rather expansive as some of the anime I have seen has been removed from Crunchyroll as well, sadly one of those being Nichijou… That is all I have for now so, I hope you all enjoyed a little peak into the list of potential anime for articles and for some recommendations from what I have seen.


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