Let’s Talk Gaming: Gaming on a budget.

Featured item is the Sony PSP 3000.
Featured item is the Sony PSP 3000.

In a day and age where new games cost 60USD without tax included and most games ship with a plethora of DLC add-ons, it begins to look daunting and frustrating at times. I mean, I’m sure everyone has had that moment of, “Man, I hate how much it costs just to get one game and then there is the possibility of paid DLC.” The gaming market has sadly moved more towards shelling out more and more for a game that we buy, supposedly complete and ready to go. Truth of the fact is that games these days just release DLC to milk more money out of a software title until it has ran its course. Of course this is not a rant concerning DLC, rather the amount of money someone has to put into a game to get the full gaming experience. I remember getting the Nintendo 64 and never having to pay more than what I got. What we got were games that were completed and finished. No, day one dlc/patches. You literally milked the game for your monies worth until it crapped out on you. So, what do you do if you find yourself in the shoes I am currently in? You want to play new games you want to keep up with the latest releases; maybe you have bills though, maybe you are scrapping by with rent, so getting current games isn’t viable. Well, there are resources that you can turn to. lets take a look at some of them.

Humble Bundle: Will save you lots of cash on some great titles. Comes in different 'flavors' as well!
Humble Bundle: Will save you lots of cash on some great titles. Comes in different ‘flavors’ as well!

The first on the list is the almighty Humble Bundle. The Humble Bundle series follows a popular get tons of games for the price you pay. Of course they do have higher paid levels to beat in order to get access to more games but you mainly just have to pay no more than 20USD to get a pile of games worth a couple hundred or less. Of course, keeping in mind these games are mainly for computers and android devices, as well as ebooks. So if you are a console or handheld gamer, you are out of luck here.  However, if you are a pc gamer looking to keep a budget, then by all means check these guys out! Link will be provided at the end.

An example of the much loved Steam Summer Sale.
An example of the much loved Steam Summer Sale.

Another example for the computer gamers, is the much anticipated Steam Summer (Or Fall/Winter) Sales. These sales present fantastic opportunities to get great Triple A games and indie games for a decent percentage off. This presents an opportunity to keep up with the newest games for a fraction of the cost. However newer titles will be often time exempt from the sales due to having only been out for a short period of time, however the sales are usually done in partnership with the developers for select titles.

Lastly we have a more open choice that can be done in person and online as well. Heck it is even in our featured image.

The Sony PSP 3000
The Sony PSP 3000

While not solely focusing on the PSP 3000 or PSP family, generally older handhelds and consoles sell for the price of a new game these days and since these older consoles were mass produced, games are generally not an issue to get a hold of. Stores have back logs and generally a good reserve of older titles to sell. There are even stores that specialize in carrying older equipment. If you live in the mid-west you should give Vintage Stock a look! Though for my case, I have been looking into the PSP 3000. I already own a Nintendo “new” 3DSXL and having taken a look at my steam library of wasted money and un-played games I felt it was time to look at something else. If you read that carefully you may have seen me take a bash at computer games. It’s because well, frankly while the above choices are great, they are too great often. You can easily get tons of games for cheap, but how many will you play? Will you finish? How many will you complete and play until you are bored of it? Other sites have covered this topic and steams game completion rate on our profiles is a daunting reminder of what we are often sitting on. As far as my personal experience goes, I have a much better completion and replay rate when it comes to handheld games. Often times most do since with handheld systems you are limited by the time you have to play and the battery life of the device. The PSP 3000 is an example of an older device that was mass produced and has a wonderful feature! While the UMD’s are something to be desired, the game versions did come region unlocked. Meaning you could buy any PSP game and be able to play it on any of the PSP consoles. Most of the games for the console are fairly cheap and easily obtainable online or in stores that still carry them.

So, I hope this article may be of some use to others out there. It is conflicting in the sense that I admit to the sale options hurting myself, not financially but still wasting money. It never hurts to take a back step and take in what you are currently doing in terms of your hobbies and how they may or may not be affecting you financially. That being said even going back a generation is never not a bad idea. Yes you sacrifice some modern abilities with the newer ones but, what is a Bluetooth connection or being able to stream Netflix to your console over saving yourself a few bucks?


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