Let’s Talk Gaming: Club Nintendo

Featured image belongs to Nintendo. All copy rights and trademarks belong to their respectful holders.
Featured image belongs to Nintendo. All copy rights and trademarks belong to their respectful holders.

While old news, I feel that this article is relevant to bring up now that Nintendo has officially released the final Elite Status rewards for Club Nintendo. This also happens to be our first gaming related article! So, get out that confetti and get your horns! Cause we are going gaming!

Club Nintendo debuted in North America in 2008 and was received with some fan-fair and a crashed website a few days after its launch. However for most gamers, the Club was often used in correlation with the Nintendo 3DS. Or at least this is from our perspective. With the debut of coin rewards for digital games, Club Nintendo opened up More possibilities. The coins you received were tied to game purchases, console purchases and now digital game purchases. These could then be redeemed for rewards or even games through Club Nintendo. And you know what? It worked. For the most part. While coins were hard to obtain if you didn’t have money to keep shelling out on new hardware or games, the cheaper digital games offered at least a foot in the door for gamers looking to build up their cache. What was the ultimate goal? Why to reach gold and platinum status of course. Why? Simply put, Nintendo would at some point reveal exclusive rewards for the amount of coins you collected. For gold you had to amass 300 coins and platinum required 600. Past rewards varied but platinum received the must have physical plushies or other accessories. It wasn’t until last year that Nintendo started offering games to grab for free rather than physical merchandise. Sadly, 2015 will be the least year to get those awesome free games.

So why the sudden change? Who really knows. Nintendo says it’s for paving the way to a new and more exciting rewards program. However, until details come out, Club Nintendo for many will be missed. It had exclusive items you could only get from the website and pretty cool redeemable games, mostly indie, that you could get for a couple hundred coins. However, I do agree that at least hopefully the new system that will be revealed, whenever Nintendo is done working on it, will be improved and will hopefully work well with getting coins or blocks or whatever Nintendo will come up with next. Maybe something with street pass? We will see though. But for user’s like myself who just got a 3DS last year and have sort of invested for a full year into the Club Nintendo program, the sudden news that it is being dropped, sort of feels like I was being cheated out of something for picking up that new console. Heck, imagine all the people that got Nintendo hardware for this past Christmas. I’m sure some of them are in the same boat roughly. But, Nintendo is never without it’s quirks and passionate drive to deliver the most quirky system or website possible.

Coming from a person who started handheld gaming with a Nintendo console, I am hopeful for what the future rewards program will hold for new and hopefully old users of Nintendo systems. Hopefully it just isn’t something geared towards their Nintendo NXT hardware that is currently waiting to be revealed to the masses. But that is an article for next time. I hope you all enjoyed this article. I have a few more gaming articles coming up. It is just a matter of getting time to work on them again. But tonight is a bit special as I should be able to get up another article fairly soon, however it may not be on gaming.


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