Anime Review! -Gourmet Girl Graffiti-


(Featured image(s) are from Gourmet Girl Graffiti, all images belong to their rightful copyright holders.)

To kick off our second review, we shall be taking a look at the peculiar anime that is, ‘Gourmet Girl Graffiti’. What makes this a peculiar anime? Well, for one its focus is mainly on our lead character, Ryo Machiko, creating wonderfully extravagant dishes that charm and mesmerize her fellows! Including her second cousin Kirin Morino. The anime also makes use of some rather overt erotic food eating scenes. While not NSFW, it just presents a rather odd approach, however this aspect does pass by after the first few episodes.


Aside from that nit-pick, then anime is wonderfully drawn. It color pallet its rich, crisp and refreshing; even the food looks delicious and has recently sent me on a quest to learn how to make awesome bento box meals! Speaking of the food, the anime even goes out of its way to make jabs at the old, “food always looks good in shows and cartoons” gag that seems to be ever prevalent in the world today. I mean, haven’t you always thought food just seems so much more delicious or mouth watering. Darn, I need to go get some rice balls now… The characters are wonderfully drawn as well, each feeling vivid and full of life. The animations don’t falter one bit as well, the transitions are fluid and seamless.

Gourmet Girl Graffiti 03

(Delicious fake/drawn food! おいじですね。)

The music and sound effect side of this anime are also a fairly decent note to touch upon as having a plethora of sounds effects for eating different types of food and chimes to boot were necessary. The opening song is soft, gentle and relaxing enough to fit the mood and story of this anime. While the story can be a bit hard to catch onto if you purely view this for watching anime girls make faces while eating food then, it’s alright. The story has two themes from what I can simply gather. The first is finding ones path. Figuring out what one wants to do with life and this anime crafts it in such a way by having our main character explore this theme through her cooking. Her cooking in itself is the collective memories that she holds of her dear grandmother. Over the course of the anime she slowly discovers that through cooking for others, can she truly find the delicious tasting foods she had during her childhood with her grandmother. Through this she also manages to bake a cake of interconnected relations with family, class mates and stoic servants. It is strange, that it also serves as an indirect confident booster to the viewer themselves as a lesson to continue to pursue and grow, no matter the walls they may face internally.


(Sensual eating is sensual)

While a relatively short anime, bearing in at 12 episodes. It is a must watch for anyone who enjoys a carefree show, with silly humor, great animation and artistic visuals, the amazing assortment of foods and possibly the overly sensual eating scenes that still take a fair bit of adjusting to get used to… So, if you are ready to consume a great dish, be sure to head on over to Crunchyroll to watch!


Official Site(Japanese only):


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