Let’s Talk Anime: Kill La Kill

Welcome to the first in a series of discussions! These ‘Talks’ will consist of ramblings about favorite Anime or Games. So, lets kick this into high gear and lose those clothes!

~WARNING: Spoilers may follow, be advised! You have been warned!~

Kill la Kill, an anime done by the collaboration or Hiroyuki Imaishi and Kazuki Nakashima. The anime follows our young protagonist Matoi Ryuko seeking to find her father’s killer. In doing so, it brings her into the ring with the Student Council and president of the Honnouji Academy, Lady Satsuki Kiryuin, as well as her mothers fascist like control on the fashion industry. Through her struggles We see Ryuko develop, learn and embrace her near nude states, thanks to her Senketsu’s skimpy transformations. Every battle she wins Ryuko grows along with her Senketsu, thanks to it’s absorbing of the alien, Life Fibers. These fibers originated from an alien like being who’s soul purposes is the consumption of life that it can attach to before feeding off the planet itself.

Without getting into further detail and ruining the anime further, for those who have not seen it, I shall stop with the introduction and get onto the meat. Kill La Kill debuted on October 3rd of 2013 and ended on march 27th of 2014. It has since then grown to have an enormous fan base and has attracted the attentions of a lot of casual anime viewers and consumers. To its… flashy characters and its whacky feel and scope, this anime is a sure fire way to scare the casual and non-anime watching community. But not to much. The story is a solid one but is not without it’s short lulls between fights. The animation is another key point here. It is whacky and reminiscent of the two’s former work, Gurren Lagann. It has a professional tone to it while still being playful and rather serious at the same time. Another grand aspect is the sound track to this anime. Heavily influenced with German songs and hard rock, by no means an Attack on Titan soundtrack, but still heavy in its own right. It’s most recognizable song is titled simply, Before My Body Is Dry by Hiroyuki Sawano, is played every time Ryuko triggers her key transformation. Trust me from a seasoned viewer of the anime, it never gets old and fails to not stir goose bumps.

(Link to the song Before My Body Is Dry)

Speaking of the fight scenes, this anime is not shy with it’s amazing fight scenes. The battles are fresh and follow a standard anime-based fight scene. The action however continues to grow and escalate as Ryuko presses further along her quest to find her father’s killer and finds larger and more obscure answers than she has questions for. It is refreshing, however, to find a wonderful anime that has a beauty to it’s fight scenes. It is both cartoonish, yet still holds tight to its anime roots. As such, it is extremely colorful and vibrant.

What struck me when watching this anime was just how engaging and engrossing it was. The humor was, well placed and the use of fights to progress the story forward was exciting to wait for; while it does feel rather watered down by the halfway point, it still continues to evolve and develop as more and more powerful adversaries present themselves to Ryuko. While I hate to place spoilers in discussions, the ending is one of a somber yet rejuvenating notion. While it doesn’t feel like an anime that has just ended, it makes one want to go back through to the beginning of it again and watch it all over to catch things that you didn’t expect to be in there or mentioned before. Aside from the fun sport of easter egg watching, just being able to watch it again to appreciate everything about this creation is a reward in itself. You learn a deeper meaning from the story that is told through this anime and it will be one I am afraid I won’t touch on as I do not wish to spoil it for anyone else.

If you are interested in checking this anime out feel free to check it out, both on Netflix and Crunchyroll! And if you don’t wish to pay, you can still enjoy it on Crunchyroll! with a free membership account!


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