New Beginnings!

(Artwork: Road by arsenixc)


Today marks a driving push on my behalf to provide an awesome, nerdy and Otaku service to the community that I find myself ever present in. This has been an itch I have been trying my best to scratch but could never find the right way to do so. Now I believe I have the maturity and motivation to carry out a monumental task, such as this. As far as personal bits go, I shall have a basic about me page that should provide adequate information for the curious reader. I do not expect to create ripples or waves in the already massive geeky ocean but, I hope to provide and add to this wonderfully dazzling aspect of life.

This blog will try its very best to cover aspects of Otaku culture, Video Games and possibly some indie manga(The manga being a work in progress at the moment)! In terms of video games, I will be leaving my YouTube channel to cover that portion. I feel that talking is easier to convey and show ideas, however I will do my best to write a blog post to partner up with said videos. My channel is a bit small and very sparse with content but, I work with what time I have allotted to myself.

As far as today goes this is pretty much it, I will be busy trying my best to understand blog editing and customization. I also plan on writing a post covering my time this past weekend at the ever amazing Naka-Kon! For those who may not know, Naka-Kon is a Anime convention based in Overland Park, Kansas and is based out of the Overland Park Convention Center/Sheraton Hotel. It is hosted every year in the second weekend of March and has been growing ever since it’s first debut in 2005 at the University of Kansas! Since then it has developed into a three day event full of fun panels and ever more exciting guests! I’ll provided a link that will carry you over to their website! (Link down below)

This is all I have for now, I must keep to my tight schedule today and get the YouTube video recorded and the few pictures I took of the cosplay’s at the convention ready for posting! If you happen to be featured in said pictures, should you stumble upon this blog, I will gladly remove them upon notification. I can also provide a file copy should the need arise. Thank you so very much for reading this lousy excuse for a post and I hope to have a bit more thrilling and entertaining content to follow!




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